E-commerce Hosting

Optimal hosting for your e-commerce site

Choose between our 3 packs and make your website strong and secure at a lower cost


  • Disk Space : 50 GB
  • Bandwidth : 500 GB
  • E-Mail Accounts : 10
  • CPU Cores : 1
  • Memory : 2 GB
  • IOPS : 1024
  • I/O limit (IO) : 2 MB/s
  • Concurrent connections : 20

  • Disk Space : 100 GB
  • Bandwidth : 1000 GB
  • E-Mail Accounts : 50
  • CPU Cores : 2
  • Memory : 4 GB
  • IOPS : 2048
  • I/O limit (IO) : 4 MB/s
  • Concurrent connections : 40

  • Disk Space : 200 GB
  • Bandwidth : 2000 GB
  • E-Mail Accounts : 100
  • CPU Cores : 4
  • Memory : 8 GB
  • IOPS : 4096
  • I/O limit (IO) : 8 MB/s
  • Concurrent connections : 80


Genious Communications gives you the opporunity to develop your online business and build a strong website using the e-commerce hosting package. By subscribing tho this service, you will be able to benefit from a remarkable assistance provided by our support team anytime you need, and to offer your visitors an experience with high performance and secured hosting.

Three different packs gathering all the tools needed to make a better functioning website. And that’s not all ! Because we care about the security of your business, a Free Genious Easy SSL certificate is included in our packs for better security !



Secure your online banking transaction and the exchange of information on your website.

Plugins cache

Reduce the loading time of your website with pre-installed plugins.

CMS E-Commerce

Select and install e-commerce CMS adapted to your needs in one click !


Save all data of your e-commerce website using our automatic / manual backup tool.


Our technical support team provide you with prompt assistance regarding specific problems on your web hosting platform.


Enable SSH access to make your account easy to manage.


Cover your website from all malicious attacks with WAF. Your website will be protected from all types of injections.


Each website hosted on Genious Managed Hosting has its own dedicated IP address.


  • Is the e-commerce pack a dedicated server?

    The e-commerce hosting package is a premium shared hosting offering all the necessary tools to ensure the proper functioning of your e-commerce platform, without having to invest in a dedicated server.

  • How long will it take to activate my e-commerce hosting account ?

    Your account will be instantly activated once the payment is validated.

  • Can I upgrade my e-commerce hosting account ?

    Yes, you can switch from one pack to another any time you want without interruption and by paying only the difference.

  • I have an e-commerce site which takes a long time to load, will the e-commerce pack help the site loading?

    The e-commerce hosting pack is equipped with a number of tools that can support the loading of your website. In fact, the pages that are hidden using our Web Server LiteSpeed, are loaded in less than a second.

  • Can I migrate thereafter to a dedicated server ?

    Yes, you can chose to migrate to any another platform with no additionnal cost.

  • What cache plugins are supported in this pack ?

    LiteMage ( Magento Cache ), Wordpress Cache, Prestashop Cache, OpenCart Cache, Laravel Cache, Shopware Cache

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